Welcome to the Department of Criminal Justice!

The Department of Criminal Justice is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. Our faculty is comprised of nationally recognized scholars focusing on interdisciplinary solutions to the complex problems of crime and disorder.The department educates students in the theoretical, practical, and empirical aspects of criminal justice in preparation for professional service in both governmental and private entities, and advanced graduate studies. Our department works with various criminal justice agencies and organizations to promote knowledge and understanding of the people, cultures, processes, and practices relevant to this dynamic field of study.

Criminal Justice is one of the university's ten largest undergraduate majors.  Our degrees are offered on the Denton campus and online to meet your educational preference.  Our Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) program has over 65 majors. Our students consistently comment on the exceptional educational experience they have had in our Criminal Justice classes and the high quality of our faculty. The department has an equally strong focus on research and scholarship that strengthens the university's mission to enhance such activities at the national and international level.

The general public continues to find interest in the challenges of criminal justice, and these challenges continue to be the focus of political and community leaders. Our country has an ongoing need to address its crime problems, and the new challenges created by terrorism and computer crime. As a result, Criminal Justice majors have significant job opportunities and the potential to address important issues in our society.

We appreciate you visiting our web site. If further questions arise regarding one of our programs or our department, do not hesitate to ask us directly. Thank you for your interest in Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas.

Eric J. Fritsch, Ph.D.

Chair, UNT Department of Criminal Justice