1st International Symposium on the History of Crime

The Ist International Symposium on the History of Crime will bring together faculty and students from six universities and three jurisdictions; the USA, UK and France. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a welcoming environment for early career faculty and research focused students to present across a broad range of history of criminal justice and history of law topics.

The presentations will include 'works-in-progress'. The audience will comprise of students, academics, experts and practitioners. Informed and considered feedback will be provided to the presenters so that they are encouraged to incorporate the friendly criticism offered and improve their work. After the symposium papers will be published on the University of North Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice website and may also be posted on websites at the University of West London and Rennes2.

Criminal justice professionals, criminal lawyers, legal historians, as well as students and faculty from a broad base of interests are warmly invited to attend.

Presented Papers:

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