Racial Profiling

Partner with UNT's Department of Criminal Justice for an Objective Racial Profiling Report Produced by Experts in the Field

If you're looking for some help with producing your state-mandated racial profiling report, look to UNT’s Department of Criminal Justice to create a report that will save your department time and effort while providing an objective analysis by university-affiliated racial profiling experts.

Advantages of using UNT to complete your racial profiling report include:

  • Experience. Each member of the research team has a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, with years of racial profiling research experience. They all also have prior practical experience in the criminal justice system so they understand the realities and responsibilities of police officers during traffic stops.
  • Efficient Management of Time. The time to compile the data, interpret it, write up findings and produce the report can be considerable. Once you've captured your data, send it on to the research team, thereby freeing up you and your staff for other matters.
  • Professional Results. The research team will send you a professionally produced report, with proper interpretation of racial profiling statistics and compliant with all state-mandated requirements. You'll also receive a comprehensive explanation of methodological problems caused by the current law. The research team will also assist you when questions arise about the results of the report.

For more information, a sample report, or a cost estimate (reports generally cost $1,500 for a comprehensive report), please contact Chad Trulson, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice, at 940.565.2758 or Chad.Trulson@unt.edu.


Eric J. Fritsch is Professor and Chair in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas. He is a former police officer and has worked extensively with law enforcement agencies for the past 20 years. Dr. Fritsch has conducted numerous studies on racial profiling as well as managerial and organizational practices in several law enforcement agencies. Dr. Fritsch holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University.

Chad R. Trulson is Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas. He holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University. Dr. Trulson has published articles in numerous academic journals in the areas of racial profiling, racial violence in prisons, and institutional behavior and recidivism of state committed juvenile delinquents. Dr. Trulson also has several years of experience as a juvenile correctional officer and juvenile parole officer.

Information Needed for Your Report

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To produce a comprehensive report, we will need some information to get started:

  • Total number of vehicle stops by race/ethnicity in calendar year
  • Total number of searches resulting from those stops by race/ethnicity in calendar year
  • Total number of consent searches resulting from those stops by race/ethnicity in calendar year
  • Arrests resulting from stops, by race/ethnicity in calendar year
  • Police department regulations/policy regarding racial profiling (in electronic pdf form if possible)
  • Documentation regarding racial profiling training and certification for officers
  • Documentation (pamphlets, website, etc.) regarding the police department's racial profiling complaint process and public education of the complaint process
  • Documentation on racial profiling complaints received by the department in calendar year and the outcome of the investigation (sustained, not sustained, etc.)
  • Population size of City and County by race/ethnicity



"Cedar Hill was one of the first cities to volunteer its racial profiling data for analysis to the Criminal Justice staff at the University of North Texas in 2003. We continue to utilize the professional services of UNT because of their objective, no nonsense approach that maintains our police department's integrity, that garners the respect of our City Council and that fosters the trust of our community."

- Chief S. L. Rhodes, Cedar Hill Police Department

"The City of Paris Police Department sought professional guidance in improving our annual racial profiling analysis report. We certainly found that in Dr. Eric Fritsch. Our product was presented in a much more professional manner and helped our City and our Police Department to improve not only the annual report but also the manner in which we collected and interpreted our data. We highly recommend him and will definitely use him again."

- Karl Louis, Chief of Police (retired), Paris Police Department

Client List

Some of the agencies that have partnered with UNT’s Department of Criminal Justice for their racial profiling reports include:

  • Addison PD
  • Brownwood PD
  • Cedar Hill PD
  • Coppell PD
  • Dallas PD
  • Denton PD
  • DeSoto PD
  • Duncanville PD
  • El Paso PD
  • Farmers Branch PD
  • Lancaster PD
  • Paris PD
  • Rowlett PD
  • Texarkana PD
  • University Park PD